As part of the national campaign for European Green Week 2020 in the Republic of Moldova, which took place during 19-23 October 2020, the Ministry of Agriculture, Regional Development and Environment and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration have launched separate waste collection from the office.

In order to promote the principles of Green Offices and Green Meetings, prevent the formation and efficiency of waste recovery in central public institutions, an Internal Order has been developed within the MARDE, which provides for the prevention, separate collection and recycling of paper, plastic, glass waste and of electrical and electronic equipment. Special bins were installed in the corridors of the ministry, and the staff of the ministry will be instructed to use these bins for the separate pre-collection of recyclable waste.
These activities aim at launching and promoting in stages the implementation of an environmental management system within the central public authorities and the implementation of the provisions of the European Green Deal, which includes the Action Plan on the Circular Economy and to promote the widespread application of waste recycling on a national scale.
The given activity also comes in the realization of the provisions of the Law on waste no. 209/2016, which provides for the waste hierarchy, as presented below, and which applies as an order of priority in the legislation and policy on the prevention of waste generation and management:

  1.  prevention;
  2.  preparation for reuse;
  3.  recycling;
  4.  other capitalization operations, including energy recovery;
  5.  elimination.

MARDE and MFAEI propose that this example / process be taken over and carried out within central and local public authorities, premises, private companies, public associations, etc., so as to scale up the efficiency of waste recovery, increase the level of information and awareness among the officials and general public in this field, to promote the circular economy and reduce the impact on the environment.

The event took place during the European Green Week 2020 in partnership with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration, ABS Recycling, the Association for Waste Recovery and EU4Environment in Moldova.