M.A.D.E. Theatre organised a National Tour with the play “Liberă” (Free) in 12 settlements across Cahul and Ungheni districts as part of EVA Project — Strengthened Gender Action in Cahul and Ungheni districts, funded by European Union and implemented by UN Women Moldova in partnership with UNICEF.

“Liberă” is a documentary play about gender stereotypes and prejudices, about the negative impact of violence against women and its repercussions on future generation. The play focuses on the story of an adolescent girl who faces gender stereotypes, and her way towards her dream is told through dance.

In this artistic production, M.A.D.E. Theatre brings to the forefront innovative moments in the art of contemporary play in the Republic of Moldova by inserting interactive props and decorations, as well as video projections.

The theatre production has an educational approach and invites the public to think about the responsibility of parents in the educational process and about personal responsibility that we assume in any relationship, be it friendship, family or love relationship.

The play was performed in Cucoara, Sculeni, Valea Mare, Ungheni and Pirlita, Alexanderfeld, Vadul lui Isac, Alexandru Ioan Cuza, Cahul town, Slobozia Mare, Andrusul de Jos and Zirnesti.

After each performance, a gender expert moderated a discussion about the topic of the play.

This activity is organised under EVA project “Strengthened Gender Action in Cahul and Ungheni districts”, funded by the European Union and implemented by UN Women in partnership with UNICEF.