LAG “ECO Düz Yalpugel” provides support to small entrepreneurs for starting and expanding their businesses in rural areas throughout the Republic of Moldova. The furniture company founded by Vasilii Caraseni in the village of Congaz, Gagauz Autonomous Territorial Unit, is proof that rural businesses can also adopt current production trends.

The furniture company is a family business founded in 2007, which currently provides jobs for 13 residents of the microregion. The LAG “ECO Düz Yalpugel” has supported the company with a grant of 67,500 MDL, in the framework of the EU-LEADER Rural Development Fund 2020.

We managed to buy a multifunctional milling machine, complete with an edging and plating system, which makes the furniture production process simpler, faster and yields high quality results,” says Vasilii Caraseni, owner and founder of the company. Vasilii added that in the near future, the company plans to expand its services, branching out to soft furniture production.