Local Action Groups from Cahul and Ungheni regions will benefit from grants of a total value of €200,000, offered with European Union’s financial assistance. The Local Action Groups (LAGs) were selected this year through a grants’ contest launched by the EU4Moldova: Focal Regions Programme, financed and strategically guided by the EU and implemented by UNDP and UNICEF.

Every LAG will receive non-reimbursable financial assistance of €50,000 and will contribute with at least 20% of the grant’s value. The financial assistance will be invested in community development projects and in creation of the new jobs in villages from Cahul and Ungheni regions.
This is the first Grants’ Call for L AGs from Cahul and Ungheni regions organized by the EU4Moldova: Focal Regions Programme. The next call for LAGs will be launched in 2021.
The winners of the 2020 edition grants’ contest are the Local Action Groups “Lunca Prutului de Jos”, “Movila Măgura”, “Cişmeaua Sudului” and “Valea Halmagei”.
These cover 49 rural communities with more than 85,000 inhabitants. Recently established, the LAGs succeeded to attract investments and to implement programs with visible impact at the community level thanks to the EU LEADER approach– an innovation and participative approach aiming to reduce economic and social gaps and urban-rural disparities.
The awarded Local Action Groups will launch the calls for project proposals among the member-communities.
Currently registered in the Republic of Moldova are 32 Local Action Groups, covering 35% of the rural areas.

LAG: three-party partnership among the representatives of public, entrepreneurial and civic sectors established to manage jointly the local development processes in the membercommunities.

LEADER: innovative and participatory approach aiming to reduce economic and social gaps and urban-rural disparities. LEADER Program (French acronym: community-led local development) was launched in the EU Member States back in 1991. The first LEADER initiatives were replicated in the Republic of Moldova in 2017 as part of the EU financed programme.


The “EU4Moldova: Focal Regions” Programme (2019-2024) supports smart, inclusive and sustainable social-economic development in Cahul and Ungheni regions to ensure better standards of living for citizens. The Programme has a total budget worth €23 million, is financed by the European Union and implemented by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) together with the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF).

Find more details concerning Programme’s activities in Cahul and Ungheni regions by visiting www.eu4cahul.md and www.eu4ungheni.md
Link video GAL grant beneficiaries: https://bit.ly/3nVLCc6
Link video message Peter Michalko and Dima Al-Khatib: https://bit.ly/3iZVWMN