“Gagauz Koraflari” Local Action Group (LAG)

The “Gagauz Koraflari” LAG expresses deep gratitude to Solidarity Fund PL in Moldova and the LEADER National Network in the Republic of Moldova for the fruitful collaboration during 2020.

In this short and successful period of cooperation, dozens of projects have been jointly implemented — from small private greenhouses, to major public facilities.

The support of the National LEADER Network in the Republic of Moldova contributes not only to the development and promotion of the rural areas, but also to the consolidation of the whole society.

We believe in maintaining the business and friendship relations we have established, and we hope to continue working together, while the experience and authority we have gained will serve as a guide and example in carrying out concrete actions on the territory of our micro-region.

We all want to have a dynamic development process and economic stability, creative inspiration and inexhaustible energy in achieving our goals, success and new heights.

“Hora Ciulucului” LAG

The year of 2020 leaves in a few days. It was a remarkable year, filled with uncertainty. Despite all this, the “Hora Ciulucului” LAG has managed to strengthen and implemented in 2020, as in 2019, many beneficial projects that will enhance the local economic development, tourism infrastructure, and local public services. We are pleased with the accomplishments made with the financial support of the EU — LEADER RDR, 2020 edition, and we thank Solidarity Fund PL in Moldova and the European Union for this! We will “decorate” our improvised holiday tree of “Hora Ciulucului” LAG with the achievements of acquiring new technical equipment, tools, and machinery to develop agriculture, of developing apiculture, of buying sound equipment and musical instruments for the Houses of culture, of building an outdoor stage, of planning the parks, and other. We wish everyone health and success, and may the potential of the Moldovan LAGs grow, so we can develop new businesses and public services, that will lead to the creation of new job opportunities! We all want to live decently in our homeland. This was not the year that brought us everything we wanted, be it certainly made us appreciate more what we have.

“Valea Cuboltei” LAG

The year of 2020 was the year of challenges and radical changes. We had to face personal problems and necessities to adjust to the new reality. We were struggling, but with the “What does not kill us, makes us stronger” moto in our minds, we’ve become braver, transforming the problems we’ve encountered into development opportunities. The social distancing and digitalisation of the activity domains have weakened the interpersonal relationships, made the communication more difficult and blocked the efficient cooperation among partners. The LEADER approach has offered us an opportunity to overcome the crisis, by restoring the human interaction and efficiently solving the issues identified, involving the citizens in the development processes of the micro-region — their presence makes us feel sure. The LEADER approach made us understand that we can be the change. The “Valea Cuboltei” LAG is sending congratulations to all — may your new year be full of success and prosperity!

Photo: Daniel Leahu, beneficiary of LAG Valea Cuboltei