The European Week for Waste Reduction creates an opportunity to engage stakeholders and citizens into common action. This year it was dedicated to the ‘circular economy’, which is at the core of the European Green Deal, the new growth strategy of the European Union.

Despite the governments’ efforts, the waste management in the Republic of Moldova still remains a challenge. The key issues include overly general and not ambitious waste management policies in the past period, weak enforcement of legal frameworks; inadequate monitoring and insufficient data, low-priced, and in many cases uncontrolled, landfilling; insufficient economic instruments to stimulate waste reduction and better management (including recycling), and limited investments in waste and recycling infrastructure.

Within the European Week for Waste Reduction 2021, EU4Environment organised national awareness events and an online webinar “Towards Waste Reduction in the Eastern Partner Countries” on 25 November 2021. Thus, the EU4Environment events aimed to show how the Programme contributes to the ambition for a waste reduction by different actors in the Eastern Partner countries and Moldova. It reviewed progress in tackling waste issues, demonstrated the success stories and best practices to decrease waste and provided better understanding of improved waste prevention and management focusing on business benefits.

The EU-funded EU4Environment Programme contributes to the development of comprehensive sustainable waste management policies and policy instruments in the EaP countries, which also include waste prevention and circular economy practices. EU4Environment provides technical assistance to partner countries in the establishment of Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) schemes for the packaging waste streams, promotion and implementation of Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production (RECP) methodology for individual enterprises and their groups (through RECP Clubs, Eco-Industrial Parks and Industrial Waste Mapping), as part of Circular Economy. This is done also by supporting the development of the Programme on waste management in Moldova for 2022-2027.