A contest launched for students from Cantemir extended to the localities of the district, and even to Chisinau. This is the „Happy” Caps competition, initiated with the support of the European Union, which took place between March and May 2021. The contest was open to all interested parties, who had to comply with several conditions. First, collect separately the caps – plastic type 2 and 5 – from water, juice or other beverages. Also, before putting it aside, each cap had to be checked (washed) to be clean, without traces of food, grease or dirt.

All the covers were collected together, and a few volunteers dared to count them. There were over 10 000! The collected caps were handed over for recycling in Chisinau, in the experimental laboratory of PET – Youth for Eco Plastic. Thus, various household items will be made from the caps. All participants understood that a separately collected plastic cap means less waste in nature, saving the lives of animals and plants. Another lesson was that plastic is not garbage, but a precious material, if collected separately and recycled!

In June, during a festive ceremony dedicated to Energy Day, the most active participants are to be awarded with diplomas and awards from the EU project „Strengthening local capacity to implement the strategy for sustainable energy in the city. Cantemir (CCLISED).”