Thanks to the EU funded project “MOVE IT like Lublin”, implemented by Chișinău City Hall in partnership with Lublin city administration from Poland, the residents of Chisinau city will benefit from safer, more inclusive, and more efficient transport services.

The project was officially launched on 19 January 2022 and aims to improve the public transport system in Chisinau. The total budget of the project is 3,500,000 EUR, of which 3,325,000 EUR is the non-reimbursable funding provided by the European Union, and 175,000 EUR is the contribution of Chisinau municipality.

The aim of the project is to achieve three main objectives:

◊ Improving urban transport policies at the municipal level;

◊ Increasing the institutional capacities of Chișinău Administration, in accordance with the practices of the European Union in the field of urban mobility;

◊ Increasing the quality of public transport management in Chișinău, by implementing innovative sustainable solutions and technologies. In this regard, a Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan will be developed and a modern Centre for traffic monitoring will be established.

The final beneficiaries of the project are all the inhabitants and guests of the capital city, especially those who travel regularly by bus and trolleybus.

In the opening of the project launch event on 19 January 2022, Mayor – Ion Ceban thanked the representatives of the European Union to the Republic of Moldova for the financial support provided to the Chisinau City Administration, as well as the City Administration of Lublin for their openness and cooperation, including the project implementation team.

The 3.32 million EUR grant is provided under the funding programme „Local authorities: Partnerships for sustainable cities 2020”. The grant will be allocated in several instalments over a period of 4 years.