The main European Union Information Centre celebrated its first anniversary. We marked one year of Europe Café, one year of meetings and discussions, events and people, a year since we have been together. Despite the pandemic, Europe Café hosted over 150 events with the participation of over 1100 participants in 2020, who followed the safety and prevention measures.

Europe Café is the place that brings you closer to the European Union. In one year, this centre of architectural value has opened its doors to Ambassadors and representatives of the Member States of the European Union, members of the European Parliament and Commission, journalists and representatives of civil society, but also to all those who want to embrace the European values and culture. At Europe Café you can find out more about the opportunities offered by the European Union, the relations between the EU and the Republic of Moldova, about the traditions and culture of its Member States.

During these twelve months of intense activity, Europe Café has become an innovative hub for events and meetings, all focused on raising awareness about European Union values and the support provided to the citizens of the Republic of Moldova.

Many other events are still waiting for you. Workshops and webinars, EU Talks, Young European Ambassadors initiatives, cultural events organised in collaboration with the embassies of the EU Member States will be hosted by Europe Café. Stay close and get connected to our initiatives. We will continue to offer you the most interesting information and activities. Visit our web platform:

We warmly invite all who are interested to learn more about the European Union, its culture and history, as well as the opportunities provided by EU and Team Europe support to visit the Europe Café. We urge all the visitors to respect COVID safety measures. I trust that we can stay resilient and safe together during these challenging times and we hope that in the near future Europe Café could welcome more and more people interested in the work of the European Union in this country”,

the EU Ambassador Jānis Mažeiks mentioned.