The EU project “Convention of Mayors – East” in Moldova held on 27 October 2020, an online training dedicated to raising awareness about participation in the Convention of Mayors.

The event was attended by representatives of the EU Delegation to Moldova, the support structures at the national level and representatives of several mayoralties.
The training was dedicated to the passive signatories of the Convention of Mayors in Moldova (CoM) and potential signatories.
After presenting a number of successful examples and best practices at national level (signatories from the Republic of Moldova) and regionally (signatories from Ukraine), the participants reconfirmed their desire to renew the state under the Covenant of Mayors and make efforts to develop local action plans.
As for September 2020, there are 17 Covenant signatories in a “suspended” status, including Chisinau municipality. These municipalities did not manage to develop or approve the Sustainable Energy Action Plan during 1 year after joining to the CoM initiative. Automatically, their membership in the CoM was suspended by the system and will become active member as soon as they upload their SEAP/SECAP on Covenant of Mayor website.