With the EU support, the “Agricultural Greenhouse” from the commune of Pripiceni-Răzeși has become a successful activity. The greenhouse is created within the project “Local civil society contributes to the social and economic development of the country”, funded by the European Union, through the East Europe Foundation and co-financed by Sweden.

The “Agricultural Greenhouse” project aims at raising the level of socio-economic development of Pripiceni-Razesi commune, Rezina district through the active involvement of civil society and other stakeholders, in promoting and developing lifelong learning practices and supporting economic inclusion by carrying out entrepreneurial activities with the participation of vulnerable groups.

The project contributes to strengthening economic security and creating long-term income opportunities for both men and women.

Agricultura ecologica

This project offers the opportunity to involve the elderly in the social and economic events of the community. It increases the possibilities for the integration of vulnerable groups and the elderly in the labor market and identifies together with the citizens solutions for the long-term well-being and development of the community. It offers the chance for the citizens of Pripiceni-Răzeși commune to learn throughout their lives. In the same context, the public-private partnership is developed, with relevant economic stakeholders and actors from the community.

The financial means from this project were mainly directed towards the construction of the greenhouse and the procurement of the circulating means necessary for the development of the business (seedling, seeds, fertilizers, chemicals, etc.).

The project, also, addresses the following local needs: it creates jobs and actively employs the elderly. The project provides additional income that will improve the financial situation of employees, offers the opportunity to develop throughout life.

Likewise, the emphasis is on passing on the traditions of agriculture and floristry from generation to generation. At the beginning of the business, the people involved in the project benefited from informational and practical support from experienced and successful economic stakeholders.

Investing in agriculture is the most valuable, producing long-term lasting effects. The knowledge acquired by the beneficiaries of this project will be directly reflected in the quality of life of the local community from Pripiceni-Răzeși commune. After the end of the project, the activities will continue addressing the same category of beneficiaries and the provided services will be diversified according to the needs of the community.