The Moldovan National Youth Orchestra (MNYO) organised on 31 July, a mesmerising concert at Bender fortress, with music from Oscar winning movies. The event was organised within the European Union “Confidence building measures” Programme, implemented by UNDP. The musicians performed the music from 20 Oscar winning movies in a fortress in which, thanks to the support given by the European Union, the restoration works shall start soon.

“Bender Fortress is a place with a huge cultural tourist potential. This event is more than a performance – it is a real cultural bridge. I am convinced that people want to see more such initiatives, and we, in our turn, will be glad to support them. Due to the generous contribution of the EU for the conservation and restoration of the fortress, we shall valorize even more its potential to gather people together,” Dima Al-Khatib, Resident Representative of UNDP in the Republic of Moldova, mentioned.

The concert was part of a series of events dedicated to the celebration of 10 years since the creation of the Moldovan National Youth Orchestra. The tickets were sold out several days before the event.

“It is a wonderful event with many talented musicians. We are delighted to attend cultural events, to see each other and rejoice together,” Liudmila said, who came from Chisinau with her family.

To spur the interest towards classical music on the right and left banks of Nistru, MNYO has also organised since 2019, eight concerts with the participation of musicians from both banks, in Tîrnăuca, Carmanova, Rîbnița, Ofatinți, Dubăsari, Rașcov, Tiraspol and Camenca.

The EU “Confidence Building Measures” Programme implemented by UNDP contributes to increasing the confidence between the inhabitants of both banks of Nistru river by involving the representatives of the business environment, civil society and mass-media in joint projects.