The European Union will support the renovation of 10 cultural and historical projects in the
Republic of Moldova.

Photo: Cultural heritage – Şoldăneşti

These include the Water Tower from Şoldăneşti, Macrii Family Burial Chamber from Dubăsarii-Vechi, wind mill from Gaidar village, museum from Doroţcaia village, digitalization of local cartoons produced by Moldova-Film Studio, synagogue from Raşcov and the church from the same locality, water mill from Beloci, Wind Tower from Stroieşti and the Arts School Auditorium from Bender.
The projects were selected out of 248 applications filed. The process included a round of public voting, during which 38 000 votes were cast. The final decision represents partially the public vote and partially the evaluation carried out by the experts committee.
The list of the winning projects was compiled in September. The contest was hosted and managed by the European Union Programme “Support to Confidence Building Measures”, implemented by the UNDP: the average budget allocated for restoring every site would be of about Euro 40 000.

Photo: Cultural heritage – Gaidar

After announcing the winners, the project representatives located on the right bank of the Nistru river attended an information session about the next steps to take and signed Memoranda of Understanding allowing them to start the works. A similar information session will be organized in the next period of time for the representatives of the cultural-historical sites from the left side of the Nistru river.
The European Union Programme “Support to Confidence Building Measures”, implemented by UNDP, aims to bring closer the population from both banks of the Nistru river by engaging them into the joint development projects.