The second component of the EU funded project Development of Rural Areas in the Republic of Moldova (hereinafter – DevRAM) project is focused on strengthening water supply and sanitation infrastructure in Cantemir.

The project is financed by the European Union and the Austrian Development Cooperation with Euro 8.7 Million. The project focuses on the following objectives:

  1. Construction of a new sewerage system in the center of Cantemir and the extension of the sewer network for Cantemir town. The envisaged length of the sewer system to be newly constructed is 18.1 km with 3 wastewater pumping stations to be incorporated.
  2. Construction of a new trickling filter wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) for the town of Cantemir (5420 Population Equivalent capacity / 68 m3/h). The design of the WWTP will allow for future extension of the wastewater treatment from neighbouring localities.
  3. Optimization of the existing water supply system in Cantemir town. The raw water pumping station will be upgraded, that would allow for a more efficient and sustainable operation and increase the pumping capacity of raw water up to 60 m3/h.
  4. Implementation of a capacity development component to support Apă Canal Cantemir and Municipality of Cantemir to adapt the existing utility structures, taking into account the principles of cost covering tariffs and sustainable operation and maintenance, as well as social and environmental safeguards according to national and international standards.

The project brings modern sustainable infrastructure and public services to the population of rural Moldova.
By 31 October 2020, we managed to achieve the following progress in the construction works and project implementation:

  1. Sewer network
    The total length of 9,469 m of pipe laying (54% of total), 376 manholes (52% of total), 125 house connections installed (26% of total).
  2. Wastewater Treatment
    The wastewater Treatment Plant has several treatment elements. The main civil works of the plant have been completed (100%) and once the mechanical and electrical installation
    completed in the first half of 2021, the wastewater plant will go into a testing phase during the 2nd or 3rd Quarter of 2021.
  3. Raw Water Pumping Station
    The construction works have been completed (100%) and the direct beneficiaries (approx. 5000 people) already receiving sufficient water supply to their households since august 2020.

The construction works for the sewer system are expected to be done by august 2021, while the direct beneficiaries will start using the new wastewater infrastructure. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak and the unexpected challenges, the construction works continued and thus the project will continue to improve the life of Cantemir people.

Photo: working meeting on the spot