Quality vocational training in horticulture – an objective increasingly addressed by sectoral policy and the EU. The first part of investments for upgrading the Agricultural Technical College of Svetlii facilitated by the European Investment Bank (EIB) through the Fruit Garden of Moldova Project was successfully implemented.

110,319 EUR out of a total Investment Project of 1.2 million EUR have been invested into the College’s dormitory as part of the overall goal of a high-quality education tailored to the needs of the labour market. The dormitory, with the possibility of accommodating 100 students and teachers of the institution, has been equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable life. We are talking about beds, cabinets, shelves, tables, chairs, refrigerators, stoves as well as technical spaces with washing machines and tumble dryers.
This investment is in fact a promotion for the more than 500 students in the different agricultural specialties, thus making the institution more attractive for both students and young specialists, who work as teachers or technical staff. A good example is the English teacher, Maria Evoglu, who previously had to commute 15 km a day or Constantin Zîrnescu, a teacher of technical subjects and a former graduate of this college. The young couple Radion Caraseni, a College teacher, and his wife Ecaterina can now live together, and Radion must no longer travel every day or think about changing the job.
The improved living conditions are highly appreciated by students. They are immediately noticeable and represent, in addition to quality studies, a business card for the institution.
This initial investment is the first stage of a whole series of investments that will follow: The establishment of a demonstration orchard of 3 ha, the planting of a shelter belt, the creation of a mini-facility for sorting and storing horticultural products, the construction of a workshop for the repair and maintenance of horticultural machinery, the purchase of and a weather station and the construction of a hangar to keep machinery safe and in good condition.
All these investments were drawn up according to the felt needs of the institution. The Technical Assistance to the Fruit Garden of Moldova project, implemented by AFC Agriculture and Finance Consultants greatly contributed to facilitating the process of developing the concepts for the different investments by providing assistance in various forms, such as study visits, advisory and technical expertise.