EU4Moldova: Start-up City Cahul contributes to the strengthening of the tech community in the region. In this context, the Project Team hosts a number of events aimed at encouraging networking, exchange of views and experiences in order to develop a tech business community.

The purpose of the events is to identify the possibilities to digitise the potential of the regional economy branches and advertise/present the interventions and actions in progress.

“EU4Moldova: Start-up City Cahul” is an initiative approaching a sustainable socio-economic development of Cahul Municipality and of its neighbouring settlements, which supplements the regional coverage of the assistance provided by the European Union to the Republic of Moldova. In particular, the Project supports economic development through innovation, entrepreneurship, and employment of small and medium-sized enterprises located beyond the Chisinau boundaries, as well as offers studying opportunities for the youth, women and girls in the area of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). As part of the Project, a regional Innovation and Technology Centre would be established in Cahul, i.e. the EU4Innovation Centre, and a wide group of locals would become its Beneficiaries. The Centre pursues the goal to provide incentives in other development areas of the City. The European Union has invested EUR 6.8 million for Project development, the funds being provided through Sweden and implemented by ATIC.