The most complex online programme of extracurricular courses – „Tekwill in Every School” (TiFS) – also extends to the south of the country! Last year, in its mission to bring the professions of the future closer to students and teachers, the European Union also joined through the financial assistance provided within the project „Eu4Moldova: Startup City Cahul”, in partnership with Sweden and implemented by ATIC. Thus, in 2021, about 46 schools in the Cahul region are expected to enrol in the program. Until the start of the lessons, teachers will benefit from a training program to learn how to effectively integrate innovative methods of teaching and learning in the classroom, in TiFS courses.
Last year, within the pilot project „Tekwill in Every School”, over 216 teachers participated in the training sessions developed with the help of mentors with experience in the field.
Among them there were some pedagogues from institutions in Cahul, who shared their experience in the program with about 50 colleagues from schools in the region.
“Tekwill in Every School” is a complex program of online extracurricular courses that was launched the previous year. The lessons are optionally studied in the school disciplines on the platform The content is available in Romanian and Russian, and students can study based on a curriculum divided into four areas:

◊ Artificial Intelligence (courses: Programming of Algorithms in C / C ++, Artificial Intelligence);
◊ Software Development (courses: Web Design and Development, Mobile Application Design and Development);
◊ Creative Industry (courses: Graphic Design, Video Storytelling);
◊ Entrepreneurial Leadership (courses: Emotional Intelligence, Entrepreneurship).

By studying them, schoolchildren and high school students aged 13-19 have the opportunity to develop critical thinking, creativity, digital skills, abilities and qualities, but also to improve their interpersonal communication skills. For a year, they will follow a course of 34 lessons with an interactive digital content, and at the end – they will make a practical project based on the knowledge obtained. In the school year 2021-2022, over 20 000 students from all over the country will optionally study innovative courses, and with the help of information technologies will benefit in the future from more professional opportunities.