The news portal produced a series of articles, reports and video interviews with the employees of Cahul Inspectorate of Police (IP) in order to promote the principles of police reform and to inform the society about the support provided by the European Union in this regard, as well as to improve the image of police.

Thus, during the four months of project implementation, the portal produced and promoted in the online environment 24 reports and 4 live shows under the heading “Direct Line with the Police”. The video materials highlight the main objectives of the 2016-2020 Police Development Strategy.

At the same time, the portal published 10 comics that depict the police after the implementation of the reform in order to inform the children about the police reform. The comics have been included in an educational brochure and printed in 1 000 copies. The brochure was distributed in 30 preschool institutions in the municipality and district of Cahul.

It should be mentioned that the materials have been developed within the project made by the news portal, following the Grant offered by the Promo-LEX Association within the project “Civic Monitoring of Police Reform in the Republic of Moldova”, implemented with the financial support of the European Union.