On 12 July 2022, the project „Agri-Hub Căușeni: Community infrastructure for fruit and vegetable refrigeration and processing” funded by the European Union and implemented by Căușeni City Hall was launched. The grant provided by the EU within the project, in the amount of 660,000 EUR, represents a considerable support for the economic growth of the district and for jobs creation at local and regional level by implementing innovative and efficient approaches in agriculture for the benefit of small and medium-sized enterprises.

The project provides for the construction of an Agri-Hub, which will use modern energy efficiency technologies and will be managed by Căușeni City Hall through a public-private partnership. The Agri-Hub will be equipped with cleaning units, equipment for fruit and vegetable refrigeration and processing. Furthermore, it will have its own line for product packaging and tracking. The technical equipment purchased for equipping the Agri-Hub will be certified according to the modern standards in force.

Subsequently, the project will contribute to supporting local producers and farmers through access to modern technology and infrastructure for storing, refrigeration, processing and packaging products, generating higher incomes for small and medium-sized enterprises. The project will also provide new opportunities for producers in the region to access larger markets and expand the volume and diversity of production. With the EU’s support, the citizens of Căușeni district and the region will benefit from economic growth, new jobs, increased living standards and quality of life at community level.

„The European Union has provided this support of 660,000 EUR for the benefit of agricultural producers in Căușeni to sustain them in accessing quality services for local product preservation, processing and packaging, according to the highest standards. The new Agri-Hub will also provide access to other outlets for marketing local products from Căușeni. Subsequently, more jobs will be created at local and regional level and economic opportunities will be generated, which are essential for increasing the living standard of the population.”,

said Aurica Butnari, Project Manager, Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Moldova.

During the project launch event, the public was informed about the main objectives of the new project and about the modern facilities that will benefit both local producers and citizens of the region due to their access to out-of-season products, which will be preserved and packaged in a special way, which will allow consumption with a longer shelf life. The project team also presented market research on consumer preferences and requirements, in particular, on the most-in-demand products on the local market, so that the newly to be built Agri-Hub will provide citizens with the products they need most. During the panel discussions, robust and innovative tools to increase the competitiveness of local producers and opportunities for financing and development of small producers were discussed. The public was then invited to take part in a local tour, where small agricultural producers displayed and presented their local and regional agricultural products.

„The Căușeni district has enormous potential for both development and investment: location, favourable climate for agricultural development, entrepreneurial culture and much more. I am confident that this European Union-funded project will significantly contribute to the modernisation and improvement of community infrastructure for farmers’ associations, especially small local and regional producers, and the future Agri-Hub that we will build will become a model for many other cities in the country. Within the City Hall we will do our utmost to contribute to a better life for farmers and the population here in Căușeni”,

said Anatolie Donțu, Mayor of Căușeni.

The project „Agri-Hub Căușeni: Community infrastructure for fruit and vegetable refrigeration and processing” is funded by the European Union and is part of the Mayors for Economic Growth Facility (2021- 2024), phase II, launched and funded by the European Union to support mayors and cities of the Eastern Partnership (EaP) countries, including the Republic of Moldova. The main areas of assistance include support for mayors and municipalities to become active facilitators of economic growth, as well as assistance to develop innovative and sustainable growth strategies, job creation and development of new local economic development plans. In addition to investments, localities benefit from complementary services such as e-learning opportunities online, networking with other donors, partners and potential investors, targeted capacity building in elaboration of local economic development plans, based on European best practices, participation in regional knowledge and information sharing activities.