The support provided by the European Union and its Member States to the civil society of the Republic of Moldova was the subject of the „EU Talks” online event, organised on 4 May. The EU Delegation organised a new edition of the „EU Talks” online discussions to present the most recent projects focused on civil society.
Civil society is a reliable partner of the European Union, which contributes to improving the lives of the citizens of the Republic of Moldova. Information on available assistance and expected results was provided by the representatives of four recently launched EU assistance projects.
The event was attended by the EU Ambassador Peter Michalko, Ambassadors of EU Member States and the diplomatic corps – representatives of Team Europe. They expressed their continuous support for the CSOs.
In the next period, the emphasis will be on increasing the capacity of local organisations. Approximately 5% of the total European assistance provided to the Republic of Moldova is oriented to civil society’s projects. Since the outbreak of the pandemic, the European Union and its Member States have intensified their assistance offered to civil society actors. In 2020, the portfolio of EU grants provided to CSOs in the Republic of Moldova consisted of 21 projects with a total budget of 441 million lei.

The event can be watched here: