Ungheni municipality has a new water supply system. Construction work on the new drinking water supply system, which started this august, has been completed. The network, with a length of more than 1 600 meters, provides drinking water to more than 24000 people. The action is part of the modernisation process of Ungheni municipality centre, carried out within EU4Moldova: Focal Regions Programme, funded and strategically guided by the EU, implemented by UNDP and UNICEF.

The investment in the amount of EUR 210 170 is provided from European funds, while the municipality is contributing with an additional MDL 893 868 (equivalent to EUR 46 000). The new water supply system is built on Naţională Street, the perimeter of Vasile Lupu Street and Solidarităţii Street. and is the main part of the drinking water route in the municipality of Ungheni interconnecting the seven districts of the city.

Most public institutions, organisations and companies providing services to citizens are located on the Naţională Street. Hence, the Naţională Street is the main street in the municipality of Ungheni and is one of the longest streets in the town.