Adopting a Best Available Techniques (BAT) approach provides governments with the means to set realistic emission limits while giving industry support on adopting the best available techniques and technologies for environmental performance. Countries in the EaP region have expressed commitment to implementing BAT, and with progress already made to varying degrees. Through the EU4Environment Programme, the OECD is continuing to support that work directly, and connecting EaP countries with other national representatives and experts through the OECD Expert Group on BAT.

The meeting objectives, expected outputs and outcomes of the workshop revolved around experience sharing on adopting a BAT approach to industrial emission regulation in EaP Countries. It will serve as a regional meeting for EaP countries to provide updates on BAT-related activities that are in the process of being implemented in the region, discuss challenges, and ways in which peer countries and the EU4Environment project can continue to support implementation.

Participants included representatives from Eastern Partnership countries, BAT experts from the EU and non-EU countries, and international organisations.

The event took place on 16 November 2020, organised by OECD within EU4Environment.