Individual Heating Points (IHP) have been installed in four educational buildings in Cantemir (“D. Cantemir” High School, “M. Eminescu” Gymnasium, Kindergarten no. 1 and no. 2) within the CanTREB project in order to improve the work of the heating systems in these buildings.

IHP is a complex of pumps, heat exchangers, sensors that are installed in the basement of a building and that work automatically. The principle of operation consists in the fact that it regulates the parameters of the thermal agent (temperature), depending on the outdoor temperature and ensures the preparation of hot water. In addition, it is equipped with a separate heat meter and water meter, which make possible to track and monitor the costs of heating the building.
Individual Heating Points in combination with the thermal insulation of buildings, which has already been done within the CanTREB project, aim to increase the percentage of energy savings in these educational buildings. According to experts, thanks to these measures, this will help to decrease heat energy bill by 40-50%.
The works are financed by the European Union, within the project „Thermal Rehabilitation of Educational Buildings in Cantemir – CanTREB” and contribution from local sources.
The CanTREB project is implemented by Cantemir City Hall, in partnership with the Alliance for Energy Efficiency and Renewables (AEER), with the financial support of the European Union, within the Program „Covenant of Mayors – Demonstration Projects”.
The project includes the thermal rehabilitation of 4 public educational buildings in Cantemir, using a set of energy efficiency measures, such as thermal insulation of buildings, installation of individual heating points, replacement of internal LED lighting system, installation of a biomass thermal power plant, installation of photovoltaic systems, solar collectors etc.