The European Union and the European Investment Bank (EIB) support the education institutions engaged in the training of future professional horticulturists. The State Agrarian University of Moldova shall benefit from funding worth 2 million EUR through the “Fruit Garden of Moldova” Project. The funds will be invested in the refurbishment and equipment of three institution labs, a mechanisation hall, and to repair an amphitheatre. The works have been completed at the rate of 60%. Once the upgrading process is completed, the students will have perfectly good facilities for their practical studies, having access to a wide range of analyses and research to be conducted in the relevant area.

In addition, renovation works are carried out in the Horticulture Lab, the Soil Analysis Lab and the Fruit-growing Lab. New furniture has been bought, as well as glass elements, equipment, and chemicals. A greenhouse will be built for teaching purposes.

The students will be able to do detailed research for many horticultural produce, such as fruit, berries, vegetables, grapes and wine. It will be also possible to measure the residues of pesticides in products of plant origin, the overall moisture and dry matter in seeds, fruit, vegetables or berries, the wine acidity, sugar content, as well as the content of phenol substances. All these activities would enable the students to acquire knowledge and practical skills, which would bring benefits for the whole horticulture industry.

“We wish to provide support aimed at improving the quality of studies in the horticulture industry, and to bring them in line with the European standards. In this way, the current students and future professionals would provide their input to the establishment of a high-performing, innovation-based horticultural sector.”

Alberto Carlei, Head of EIB Representation for Moldova

So far, ten education institutions that train future professionals in the horticulture industry benefited from funding worth circa 11.4 million EUR under the EIB “Fruit Garden of Moldova” Project.

The “Fruit Garden of Moldova” Project is a credit line in the amount of EUR 120 million targeting small and medium-sized enterprises working in the horticulture industry. About 10% of this amount, 12 million EUR, will be allocated as public investments by the Moldovan Government in the area of education and research for developing and strengthening the horticultural sector. The funding agreement between the EIB and the Government of the Republic of Moldova was signed in July 2014, while the Project was officially launched in July 2016.