In the spring of 2019, in response to the Call for Applications for the „Confidence Building Measures” Programme of the EU, two communities, Camenca (on the left bank of Nistru River) and Sanatauca (on the right bank) decided to apply jointly for financial support for modernization of the sports grounds in their communities. The project proposal application, which unites the 2 communities, Camenca and Sanatauca, was selected for funding from over 150 applicants.

An important and major area in implementation of the project is represented by joint sports events. The implementation of the project will benefit over 3,000 children, 2,800 men and women, 4,700 retired persons, including 971 people with disabilities, who will all be able to use the sports grounds.

The repair of the 3 sports grounds will provide better conditions for social and cultural activities to the people on both banks of the Nistru River. These investments will directly contribute to sustaining and strengthening trust between the Camenca and Sanatauca communities.

The project is sustainable, as it aims to last for decades. Next generations of the communities will be able to use it too.

The project will also support operation and development. The local budget will allocate funds for the conservation and reconstruction of the sports grounds and for carrying out sport events.

The concept of this project is replicable in other communities.

The reconstruction of sports grounds was carried out with the support of the EU Programme „Confidence Building Measures”, funded by the European Union and implemented by UNDP.