On November 4-5, 2019 the heads of the Territorial Offices of the State Chancellery and civil servants from the State Chancellery participated in a training seminar, organized by the EU Project “Support to the Public Administration Reform in the Republic of Moldova”, in order to strengthen the skills of practical implementation of the Administrative Code of the Republic of Moldova, which entered into force on April 1, 2019. It was a two-day event that took place in Costești village, Ialoveni district.

The objectives of the training seminar were to familiarize the participants with the regulations of the Administrative Code and their systematic analysis, to develop the practical skills of subsuming the concrete situations in the provisions of the Administrative Code and to carry out an administrative procedure, as well as to design the procedural activity in the administrative litigation procedure. The participants also had the opportunity to work with case studies and to get involved in interactive debates by adopting judicial practice in the field of administrative cases in a uniform way.

This is the third training session for the staff of the Territorial Offices, the first two being held last August and September. The seminars were organized with the support of the Support to the Public Administration Reform in the Republic of Moldova project, funded by the European Union.