Simple, fast and in just a few clicks! That is how Cahul residents will be able to access local public services as soon as digitisation of the city and its surroundings is completed. Impactful digital transformation of the region has all the necessary ingredients: advanced infrastructure, authorities’ commitment, development partners, and a community ready to contribute. Several initiatives will be developed in the coming years to speed up the digitisation process in Cahul region with the support of EU4Moldova: Startup City Cahul, a project implemented by ATIC with the financial assistance of the European Union in partnership with Sweden. One of these initiatives is a local study and a series of consulting sessions that have been organized to identify the digital needs of the community.

According to the study, upgrade and digitisation interventions should cover several areas: online municipal services (e-Cahul application, Cahul municipality portal, cadastre, Mpay, etc.); education (e-Kindergarten, e-School, public sector staff training, etc.); medicine (electronic primary healthcare and management system, etc.); transport (e-Transport, e-Parking, etc.); travel (digital tourist maps, activities, events, online cycling routes, audio museum guides, etc.); and culture (a special EU4Moldova: Startup City Cahul event platform that will support future digitisation actions for the southern region, including through creation of an innovative technology hub – EU4Innovation Centre).

This will stimulate the region by helping to develop education initiatives meant to increase digital literacy and connect communities to create an environment conductive to the development of IT solutions.