On 29 October, the State Chancellery, with the support of the EU-funded project “Support to capacity development and motivation of the Public Administration Employees in Republic of Moldova”, have organized an online workshop “Management and development of human resources within the civil service in the Republic of Moldova”, intended for civil servants responsible for human resources management within the central public administration authorities.

The purpose of organizing the workshop was to present the Annual Report on civil service for 2019 and the results of the “Survey on measuring motivation within the civil service”.
The report analyses the situation regarding implementation of the provisions of Law No. 158/2008 and of the Government Decision no. 201/2009 on the implementation of its provisions in public authorities, in order to form a realistic picture regarding the management of civil service and civil servants in 2019. It is supposed to be a useful tool for the Government of the Republic of Moldova in implementing reform commitments.
During May-July 2020, performed for the first time in Moldova was an exercise on measuring motivation within the public service. It provides information on the level of involvement and motivation of civil servants. It also allows to identify the reasons underlying lack of motivation, as a factor affecting the professional performance. The results of the survey will serve as a basis for proposing a system for motivating civil servants, and such exercise will be carried out once every two years.