On 8 July, in Avdarma, ATU Gagauzia, a Youth Center was opened. The building was rebuilt with EU funds and local authorities’ contribution, within the project “Increasing the degree of responsibility and involvement of citizens in the field of energy efficiency, to ensure the sustainable development of Avdarma village”. The guests of the event were the donors of the project, the village administration, representative of the People’s Assembly of Găgăuzia, youth and citizens of Avdarma.

For one year, a project was implemented in Avdarma, in which the NGO “Vector Progres” organised various events, trainings, competitions and social surveys with youth of the village. Within the infrastructure component of the project, the “house by the stadium” was reconstructed, insulated, and transformed into a youth centre.

The Mayor of the village, Marina Kapsamun, expressed her gratitude to the donors and partners for the support provided. “At the end of last year, this building was in poor condition and unsuitable for use. Today, we are participating in the opening of a rebuilt building, insulated inside and outside, with insulated roof, new windows and doors, and low energy lamps.” said Marina Kapsamun.

The project “Increasing the degree of responsibility and involvement of citizens in the field of energy efficiency to ensure the sustainable development of Avdarma village” was implemented by NGO “Vector- Progres”, in partnership with Avdarma mayoralty, aimed to engage the citizens and local authorities in sustainable local development, nurturing a culture of economy and rational use of energy resources.

For the implementation of the project, 450,000 MDL were allocated from the EU Local Grants Programme, and 380,000 MDL was the contribution of the local authorities.

The Local Grants Programme is launched on the basis of the Single Support Framework of the European Union, granted to the Republic of Moldova (2017-2020) under the European Neighbourhood Instrument, through the action “Citizens Empowerment in the Republic of Moldova” (2019-2021), funded by the European Union and implemented by the German Development Cooperation through GIZ. In the Development Region of ATU Găgăuzia, the project partners are the European Center “Pro Europa” in Comrat and the National Center for Assistance and Information of NGOs in Moldova CONTACT.

Youth Center in Avdarma, opened with European Union support