Dorina Tataru, a 22-year-old from Pitușca, Calarasi district, returned after studying abroad to develop a farming business at home. It all started out from an unbridled desire to stay with her parents for as long as possible and to prove that business in Moldova can also be prosperous.

The young woman admits that the start of her farming business was quite difficult:

„There were times when it was more complicated. In the beginning it was difficult, of course, we needed financing. In the beginning nobody offers you financing. There were a lot of things I didn’t know, everything seemed new to me, there was excessive bureaucracy.”

To turn her ideas into reality, Dorina Tataru needed help.

“We took out a loan with the help of the ‘Livada Moldovei’ project. They supported us financially but also offered us advice on the development of the investment project. I found out about this project online, through media, and I had some acquaintances who have benefited from this project. That’s where the trust came from”, said the entrepreneur. However, before setting off, the young woman carefully studied the market, the banks’ proposals and other projects, and „Livada Moldovei” seemed to her the most attractive option because of the tax facilities it offers, the advice it provides and the support throughout the project: „Through this project we have purchased the support system for the cherry orchard, because for super-intensive orchards this is a very important aspect. Without the irrigation system and the support system it is not possible to achieve results.”

After several months of hard work and dedication, the results have not been slow in coming. The young woman has already harvested the first peach crop.

The „Livada Moldovei” is a project implemented with the support of the European Union through the European Investment Bank. Find out more information at the following link: